Process and flow of class

In the Idea to Launch series we help you refine your business ideas and teach you how to launch the business of your dreams.

Class 1 – Ideation   Orientation, Navigating your Small Business Toolkit, Getting Focused with a Quick Plan™, 4 Factors of Entrepreneurial Goal Setting.

Class 2 – Business Design: Designing Your Perfect Business, Validation Phase, Developing an Advisory Board, Money Matters

Class 3 – Strategies to the Start: Startup Do's and Don'ts, Creating a Launch Plan, Voice of the Customer, Customer Value Proposition Design , Strategic Direct Marketing

Class 4 – Storytelling: Writing an Executive Business Plan (EBP), Developing a Powerful [Investor] Pitch, Show Me the Money, Brand You!

Class 1 Modules: IDEATION

Uncover and discover your interests, values, passion, and strengths. You learn how to use a QuickPlan - the Micro Business Plan to get your ideas on paper and focus your potential entrepreneurial aspirations. Consider your preferred or desired reality - and start the planning process from that vantage point. 

So what are you saying? 

  • “The grounding statement assisted in breaking my plan down to the basics”

  • “Think big!”

  • “Real life examples and knowledge of how to actually take the steps to start a new business”

  • “Quick Plan was awesome-very creative (thanks)”

  • “It opened up my mind, cleared the cobwebs and got me back on track—I was beginning to think that may not be possible”

  • "Motivating and enlightening."


Every entrepreneur and each business venture are unique. Success to one entrepreneur is different (very different) from one to the next. Determine what success looks like in your future business and begin the business design process. In our 5 step process, identify if your  idea can be financially successful for you or make the impact you intend.

So what are you saying? 

  • “That a logical plan of action can ease one’s mind”

  • “That I am starting this business seriously! Starting my own businesses is possible!."

  • “How to create a business model and all the aspects involved to build a sustainable business.”

  • "This is a necessary step for anyone who wants to own a business."

Class 3 MODULES: Steps to the Strategic Start

These modules are designed to introduce you to the most effective business entity type for new business owners and learn how strategic corporate structure can be. Learn the steps to take to form a business entity in the U.S. 

So what are you saying? 

  • "A focused dialog about designing and targeting your business."

  • "How to position ourselves in the marketplace."

  • “There is help available!”

  • “The organization and steps given in such a manner really assisted in focusing.”

  • "When you break down the actual steps it isn't as complicated as it appeared."

  • “Engaging, thought-provoking look at how to set up and launch a business properly and effectively”

  • "Empowering! This class gave me the confidence to move forward! Thanks Tiffany"

  • “Real life examples and knowledge of how to actually take the steps to start a new business”

Class 4: Storytelling

In these modules, you are introduced to the the various types of financial institutions, how to create value in the eyes of your banker, and share how you plan on perfecting your presentation. Learn how to tell your story using an Executive Business Plan™--the one-page business plan your banker wants to see. Turn your EBP into a Powerful Pitch in 13 slides.

So what are you saying? 

  • "Essential, knowledge-based, stimulating, and very valuable."

  • “It was extremely packed with information that I was totally unaware of and clearly defined the steps for starting to pull my business idea together.”

  • “Awesome! Informative! Well-Designed! Brilliant!”

  • “A must-do building block”

  • "This class opened my eye to new possibilities."

  • "I learned all the components of starting a small business and how to develop a business plan."

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