Girandola Academy provides the “third billion” a strategy and a process to become entrepreneurs or expand their businesses through business ideation, goal setting, core business principle training, business development, support planning, and access to resources in a collaborative framework online—and on the ground.

You may not have heard of the “third billion” but you may one day feel their impact. The third billion is a term used to describe the billion women, mostly from emerging markets who will join the global economy as employees, employers and entrepreneurs over the next decade.

From Kazakhstan to Turkey, women entrepreneurs are on the leading edge of this shift, poised to transform their local economies and, in doing so, change the world.
— Third Billion" Women Entrepreneurs Becoming Force in the Developing World,, June 24, 2013
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At Girandola Center, we provide visiting leaders through the US State Department International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) access to information, shared resources, and best practices for creating innovative, sustainable and impactful entrepreneurship ecosystems back home - wherever home may be. We participate in global reciprocal exchange programs to bring tools to train, empower, and grow leaders globally through public and private master classes,  train the trainer (TTT) programs, and cloud-based training delivered through Girandola Academy global classroom.

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Women + Entrepreneurship = Global COMPETITIVENESS

U.S. House Small Business Committee reported that one dollar spent on the Small Business Administration’s entrepreneurial development programs brings a return of $2.87 into the economy. In a single year, these programs helped generate 73,000 new jobs and added $7.2 billion to the U.S. economy. Entrepreneurial development programs can be incredibly important to a nation’s job creation efforts and economic development.

Girandola Global Competitiveness Training


Entrepreneurship training results in direct and measurable impacts on the lives of women – in and outside of their business.

Girandola provides curriculum, master classes, books and cloud based training programs that result in positive economic impacts: job creation, increased assets, hard skill development, social capital, new business licenses, personal growth, and new transferable knowledge, skills and abilities, and global competitiveness.



Women capable of starting growth companies may well be our greatest under-utilized economic resource globally. Virtually all net new jobs in the United States are created by startups in their very first year. Over half of Asia’s population is women who, according to UN estimates, could be helping the region grow by an additional $89 billion annually, but instead face barriers that keep them from reaching their full economic potential as potential entrepreneurs. 

Washington State 8th in Global Competitivenes
Girandola and DAMU Fund

Girandola Center, a leader in economic development consulting focused on entrepreneurship, presented the role of SMEs in enhancing the competitiveness of the national economy in an international context at the VII Astana Economic Forum, in Astana Kazakhstan. During our visit, we taught a public master class for local SMEs and a private master class for women entrepreneurs hosted by the Fund DAMU. 

For inquiries about keynote speaking, presentations, and workshops, please email us: Or Click on the button below to send us a note.

Girandola Academy

Girandola Academy is a state of the art, globally accessible SAS (Software as a Service) training platform. Through Girandola Academy we provide on-demand and mobile training to enrolled individuals that is proven, acclaimed, and certified. Girandola Academy is an "Eligible Training Provider", a designation awarded by the Washington State Workforce Training & Coordination Board enabling our students to access federal funding for our programs. Our signature class, Entrepreneurial Edge Idea to launch - 6 weeks to plan, design, and start an entrepreneurial venture, and four others, are also certified for use in the US Employment Security Department Self Employment Assistance (SEA) Program. Learn more about all of our programs HERE.

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Master Classes – Master classes may be in-person or in the cloud. In-country training programs are typically offered in conjunction with speaking engagements, visiting professorships, conference keynotes, or entrepreneurship events like Global Entrepreneurship Week, and is preceded by a Memorandum of Understanding. If you are interested in executing an MOU with Girandola, please email us!


Train the Trainer Classes (“TTT” or Certification) – Training others to support an entrepreneur’s development is key to expanding the global entrepreneurship ecosystem. TTT classes and Trainer Certifications are offered to small groups of 'Entrepreneurship Navigator' in country in conjunction with master classes. If you are interested in becoming an "Entrepreneurship Navigator" to facilitate Entrepreneurial Edge training or a Launch Lab, please email us!


Classes, tips, and tools online and on demand, accessible to your members from wherever they may be. Only your pre-identified participants will join your virtual private classroom at Girandola Academy. Get informational reports including demographic, business, and economic impacts as frequent as needed. Enroll all your small business licence holders and each new business licencees for a powerful and positive social and economic impact.

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Before finding you and your entrepreneurial workshops, I felt I was swimming alone in the deep vast sea, trying to navigate some kind of business venture that I could set up for my son, who is developmentally disabled. After taking the What’s Next workshop, my eyes has been opened to the invaluable resources available to help me set up a business. But something I gained that I feel is even more important, is the feeling of connection and community with other entrepreneurs in the same boat as I. I no longer feel alone in the deep vast sea. Being connected to a community of like-minded individuals with similar goals of creating work for their disabled adult child is extremely empowering and will help me to persevere through any storms that may come throughout the journey I am on with my adult son.

You are the lighthouse beaming out over the deep, dark ocean, guiding us entrepreneurs to navigate the rough seas. Because of you, I will never lose sight of a bright future for my son!
— In gratitude, Xanne Sarka, Entrepreneurial Edge What's Next? graduate, Shoreline Community College
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